Hello, thanks for checking our adoptable cats and kittens page. All of our adoptables will be posted here and we will try to update the pictures often.

January 28, 2019 – All of our adoptable kittens/cats have pending applications as of today. We expect that ‘kitten season’ will start in a few weeks and we will be seeing more feral and abandoned kittens coming up. Stay tuned.

January 5, 2019 – We have several kittens available. Please submit an application from our application form page, and let us know which you are interested in.

Ralph - Adopted

Bob - Adopted

Daisy - Adopted

Kevin - Adopted

Kate - Adopted

Jimbo - Adopted

PJ - Adopted

Boots - Adopted male

Leona - Adopted female

Coco - Adopted Girl

Fergus - Adopted male

Midnight - Adopted girl

Mittenz - Adopted male

Leo - Adopted

Milo - Adopted

Stella - Adopted
Moonie - Adopted
Sunny - Adopted

Smokey - Adopted
Flower - Adopted
Jasper - Adopted

Sparkles - Adopted

Tank - Adopted
Ocean - Adopted
Kit Kat - Adopted
Frank - Adopted
Bailie - Adopted
Cupcake - Adopted

Bobby - Adopted

Tux - Adopted

Auttie - Adopted
Ricky - Adopted
Shadow - Adopted

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